The art of writing on social media

Viborg Libraries has a close collaboration with Randers Libraries, Kulturskolen Viborg (School of Culture Viborg, red.) and The Danish Author- and Translation Center Hald and together they have designed the teaching program Social Media Lab. The purpose of E-rindringer (E-learnings) is the art of writing on social medias. Furthermore, the project will enlighten how libraries can be the center of development within digital medias and thereby contribute to the digitized part of e-writings and learning.

What we did

Connectio did a project evaluation of the participants’ experiences and gain of knowledge from being a part of the project. Connectio both evaluated the mere goals of the project but also viewed the project in a broader perspective thereby making valuable room for learning and reflection processes during the project.

The Result

The evaluation contributed with insights and recommendations on how the libraries can work with digital stories and especially how they in the best possible way reaches and involves the youth as a target group.In that sense the libraries has gained valuable knowledge concerning how they can position themselves in the field of online literature and the target group of its young producers.

Read more about the project here

Connectio’s contribution

  • Qualitative evaluation through participant observation, interviews and focus group interviews
  • Process evaluation
  • Process facilitation
  • User analyses
  • Reporting

Area of expertise

  • Humans and technology

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