User-centered business

UserTribe is an analytical consultancy, where the user is at its midst. They work to help businesses and organizations to incorporate meaningful user interaction in their business strategy and vision.

What we do

Connectio has an ongoing collaboration with UserTribe where we make UX analysis and written reports for big private cooperation’s and NGO’s. the purpose is to strengthen and to improve the digital user experience. Furthermore, Connectio has led developing project with children as the main target group. In relationship to this connection has designed the overall task design, done interviews and focus group interviews as well as presented in both written and oral form the results of the analysis and recommendations.

Connectio’s contribution

  • UX analysis of online nagivation
  • Project strategy
  • Project and process management
  • Qualitative user analysis
  • Qualitative evaluation
  • User involvement and co-creation
  • Written and oral reporting

Area of expertise

  • Humans and technology
  • Children and adolescents

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